Make More Money! Radio FairyTales Do Come True!

Fairytale_a_true_storyOnce upon a time, radio stations all over North America were making lots of money selling commercials to merchants. Every day, advertisers would pony up wads of cash to present their products and services to the huge audiences the stations enjoyed.

One day, a mighty recession swept over the land putting many businesses "out-of business" so there were fewer advertisers to buy the stations’ commercials. At the very same time the “new media” were becoming more targeted towards specific market segments. This personalization resulted in these newer content providers finding people of all ages discovering their services.

As a result, radio stations' revenues began to drop and stations foolishly fired lots of talented people, cut great programs that had attracted listeners and added lots of commercials in order to meet their growing company budgets.  Because of that, their stations unwittingly became less attractive to listeners who then began to sample other sources like ITunes, Internet Radio stations, Pandora, etc.  Advertisers then had other choices to reach their potential customers and didn't need Radio as they did before. The radio medium now seemed doomed to spiral downward into obscurity from its once lofty perch.

Then one day Neil Gallagher and Mike Anthony - two relatively unknown, passionate people who believed that radio stations shouldn’t make money until their clients do - were able to show broadcasters how to increase the value of their commercials by making them much more effective for advertisers. These advertisers ended up selling lots more than they ever did before and they returned again and again to the radio stations for more and more advertising campaigns!

Now stations wouldn’t have to air as many commercials to reach their company budget targets so their programming improved.  Listeners also loved it because the radio stations’ commercials were much more entertaining and informative and there were fewer of them so the medium began to grow and once again flourish.

Neil Gallagher and Mike Anthony at ResearcWorks have made FairyTales come true for radio stations all across North America. We could very well be the best people in the world to make yours come true too. Please contact us to see how a small investment can make such a big difference in your station's bottom llne.